Project and investment structuring

We structure investments in energy projects, integrating technical, financial, contractual, environmental and market solutions, leading to maximum benefits for our clients.

We design innovative investment schemes to provide highly efficient energy systems through contracts with flexible payments based on consumption, or operating leases of the equipment that include all operation and maintenance costs.

Project implementation

Our team is responsible for implementation, execution and technical and administrative supervision of energy projects, including planning phases, structuring of contracts for supply of equipment and services, budget monitoring and control, implementation schedule and ongoing validation of compliance with project scope.

Energy asset management

We manage energy assets by controlling maintenance, monitoring in real time, generating reports, supporting billing and all activities required to ensure correct project performance.

Our proprietary remote monitoring platform allows us to supervise project operating status in real time, integrating various measurement systems and communication protocols with a solution tailored to each customer’s needs.

Specialized consulting services.

Based on our team’s experience, we develop specialized consulting services for both the public and private sectors in the comprehensive structuring of projects, design of sectoral energy programs and strategies, and energy studies of plants and processes.

We advise and accompany companies and institutions at a national and international level in the design of tools and implementation of environmental projects under sustainability and circular economy frameworks.

MGM Energy Services